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Instalacion De Un Subwoofer

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#1 Invitado_CarlosO_*

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Escrito 28 May 2005 - 07:38 PM

Aqui pongo un link en ingles, en donde explica como instalar un subwoofer con el sistema de radio OEM monsoon de VW.

Espero y le sirva a alguien.

Monsoon Subwoofer Install




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Escrito 30 May 2005 - 07:36 PM

CITA(CarlosO @ May 28 2005, 08:38 PM)
Aqui pongo un link en ingles, en donde explica como instalar un subwoofer con el sistema de radio OEM monsoon de VW.

Espero y le sirva a alguien.

Monsoon Subwoofer Install

muy buen link, kien le sabe al ingles? porke yo no drool.gif

#3 Bora_VR6



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Escrito 31 May 2005 - 10:55 AM

Muy buen link OOHHH.gif



Tools needed for

Radio pull keys - to remove
HU from console

Soldiering Iron with
soldier and flux

T20 Torx Screwdriver

#2 Phillips Screwdriver,
1/4" blade (#2) Flat Tip Screwdriver

Sharp knife

Electrical tape

1/4" socket set


Drop Light with extension

Parts needed:

Special connector (yellow
plug) - adapter for external Amplifier, provides 4 channel of output to Amplifier
and switched 12 volt signal wire to turn on and off a subwoofer, order from
Crutchfield or I can get you one for from Germany.  This cable must be
modified to work correctly with the system.

4 into 2 RCA adapter (Y

RCA cable - long enough to
reach from the front to the back of the VW plus a few more for good measures
approx 5 meters.

Amplifier Power wire - This
should be a large enough gage wire to support your Amplifier

Fuse for Amplifier
mine is a 60 Amp, note this fuse holder must match your wire size, do not splice
a smaller type into a larger wire (Not unless you want to be make a "Rice a
Roni" car

Ground wire - This wire
should be at least the same gage as your Power wire.

Amplifier with a Subwoofer
function to it usually the B channel, mine is both A and B channels.  This
function will allow you to select LPF which you can adjust the frequency range
the AMP amplifies.

Subwoofer, with enclosure.

Heavy Speaker wire about 1
meter, if running only one woofer.

Self tapping screws

Some assorted zip ties

Terminal connectors to
support the install of the power wires and output to the subwoofer speaker wires.

Here is a picture of the
Stereo supplies I got before I started this, I will go from left to right and
explain each item.  Left: Amplifier Installation Kit/ 60 AMP/ with Power
wire, 60 AMP fuse block, Ground wire, and RCA cable w/ built in remote wire;
middle, Special external Amp adapter for the newer style VW top HU connector
(yellow), it has a long remote wire and is suppose to give you 4 outputs.; right
Y-RCA, 4 male to 2 female adapter, it converts your 4 outputs to 2.
I also required another Y-RCA which 2 female to 4 male adapter, due to the fact
that I needed 4 inputs.

Prepare the VW:

1.  Disconnect the negative
terminal from the battery.

2.  Remove the Air Box
Top cover from the engine bay, remove two Phillips screws and clamp for intake. 
Then remove the bottom section using 10mm socket wrench and 6"
extension.  You will also need to remove the quick connect plastic hose.


3.  Remove the fuse
panel and the driver's side piece of dash board, it just pulls off.

4.  Remove the 3 T20
screws from underneath the drivers side of the lower dash (kick panels).

5.  Remove the lower
panel that covers up the driver's side lower dash.  There is a clip here so
pull it out and remove this panel also tucks up underneath the outside.

6.  Remove the dead
pedal using T20 torx screwdriver and lift up (slides up) on it to remove.

7.  Remove the hood
pull plastic cover.  Pull this piece up and out and work the handle
out.  This piece is also snapped to the lower door way protection trim, but
it just snaps off it.

8.  Remove the
Passenger Side rear quarter panel, first remove the driver's side rear (60/40)
40 split seat cushion by bending the metal bars inward, then remove rear seat
back by using a flat tip on the very right side hinge point, there is a movable
lock device there.  Next, remove the plastic screw fastener in the rear of
the panel.  Then pull out on the bottom of the panel  and feel the
fasteners un-pop, once that is felt then lift up on the panel to unhook it from
the window lip.  Remove the tweeter speaker wire, remove the panel and set
on a padded surface so it will not be damaged, inspect door panel for bad
fasteners, I noticed some on mine when I did this install and replaced them,
these must have been damaged by the VW Factory because my GTI was a cherry.


9.  Remove the bottom
plastic runner/ lower quarter panel, first remove the plastic screw fastener
from the rear section.  Then remove three Phillips screws from the speaker
area.  Then this just pulls up and you should feel it pop off there are
about 6 fasteners securing it to the door way, so work one at a time pulling

10.  Your there! 
It is time to choose that perfect location.  I chose the 40 split seat
back as my Amplifier location.  You can run the wires to just about anywhere
in the rear, once you are at this point.  Subwoofer will be a removable Box
type unit I purchased from a local Discount Electronics Store ( it was on sale).

Installation of wires and
the Battery 12 Volt Power:

1.  Install the 12
Volt Battery wire,
first go to the engine bay and route wire from the
Battery Box toward the firewall (see picture).  Use a sharp knife to cut a
plug out of the rubber wire harness grommet.  Push wire through firewall
and go to the driver's side  foot area and look for the wire.  Pull
wire through until it is all through the fire wall and the Power wire is routed
neatly through the engine compartment, use heat shielded wire looming or heat
shrink tubing to insulate power wire and for cosmetics.  Route wire to the
left side of the VW, first come to the hood pull area and then run along the
door way underneath carpet.  Come out in the rear by hinge of the rear seat
back rest.



2.  Install the
Ground Wire,
go to the  seat belt bolt and secure the wire to this, it
is a good ground.

3.  Install the
external Amplifier adapter (yellow plug) to the radio harness, remove the dummy
connector and install the special connect the same way.

Note:  If after
installation you have no signal input to your Amplifier, it is because of the
model HU you have, but it doesn't mean the end of the world.  Just tap into the
RR and LR Signal inputs to the Monsoon Amp.  These will give you the same
signal.  (See Picture)


4.  Install the RCA Y
(4 into 2) adapter to the four output RCA jacks from the external adapter. 
Run the Amp remote switch wire the same route as the Battery wire.

5.  Install the RCA
extension cable, this will connect to the two outputs of the Y adapter and run
the same route as the Battery wire and Amplifier remote switch wire.

6.  Install the
Ampilfier to either the Subwoofer Box or the back of the Seat, or a Special
mount.  I installed it to the 40 part of the Seat Back.

7.  Connect all your
wires up using terminal ends and for best results soldier these terminals to
your wires.

8. Install subwoofer in
either an enclosure or Bass Tube or Special Box.

9.  Test your work,
see if it is all working right, I didn't have front fade Bass so if you want if
you will have to go back to the special VW adapter and move the other two
positive wires to the FL and FR positive Monsoon input (brown connector, see HU
top for wire explainations).

10.  Reinstall the
same way except oppsite, make sure your wires are properly tied up with wire
ties or Zip Ties.  All pieces should be fairly easy to reinstall.


The End Product and the
BASS well mine really hits.  It is all based on your quality of
components.  Better Amp and Better Subwoofer will generate awesome results.


Good Luck.

#4 Jetta-bart



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Escrito 31 May 2005 - 01:37 PM

:pensativo: bora_vr6 lo hubieras traducido al español, muchos de aqui no sabemos ingles whistling.gif salud.gif

#5 Paco


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Escrito 31 May 2005 - 02:23 PM

CITA(Jetta-bart @ May 31 2005, 03:37 PM)
:pensativo: bora_vr6 lo hubieras traducido al español, muchos de aqui no sabemos ingles whistling.gif salud.gif

Date una idea aqui

#6 Mantek


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Escrito 02 February 2011 - 12:36 AM

Hola...reviviendo un poco el post me surgio la idea de comprar un convertidor de baja a alta (creo que asi los llaman) para sacar las salidas rca y sacar el remoto del amplicador externo, osea el que le voy a poner, del
amplificador monsoon, como ven?, haciendo esto segun yo me evitaria el quitar el estereo y cosas asi, osea todo lo sacaria de la cajuela donde esta el ampli monsoon, obviamente lo demas lo haria como se debe tierra, corriente, fusible y montaje...tambien tenia pensado colgar el ampli como el ampli monsoon, osea arriba de la parte interior de la cajuela...bueno espero y me puedan orientar para no hacer idioteses ya que no quiero cagetearla, si no se puede asi como digo como le podria hacer?...gracias por su ayuda...


#7 Merino


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Escrito 02 February 2011 - 12:41 AM

yo lo hice con el sistema amplificado de un bora sport....

#8 Mantek


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Escrito 02 February 2011 - 12:46 AM

Hola...bueno solo para comentarles que ya lo pude instalar despues de pasar toda la noche y mitad de la madrugada en esto...jeje...mañana les explico como le hice para que quede documentado ok...gracias por su ayuda


#9 Mantek


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Escrito 05 February 2011 - 07:30 PM

Hola...como les comentaba ya pude instalar el amplificador al sistema original, lo que hice fue conectar la corriente y tierra normal, me compre un high-low converter para poder sacar las salidas rca, estas las conecte al arnes del ampli monsoon pero a las entradas y no a las salidas (arnes gris cables...mmm...bueno no me acuerdo bien jaja pero segun yo son las bocinas delanteras) y para el remoto lo saque de la caja de discos (cable gris) que me imagino que es el remoto de la caja ya que estuve checando con multimetro y pues me dio 12 volts al prender el estereo, fue relativamente sencillo jeje obvio todo lo puse en puente ok pero no se como ven?, creen que tenga algun problema?...gracias por su ayuda


#10 Merino


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Escrito 05 February 2011 - 09:39 PM

las entradas del ampli monsoon son las salidas del estereo....

yo lo conecte asi, a las entradas del ampli, es decir a las salidas del estereo, porque estas actuan de remoto para el ampli monsoon. pero yo me colgue de las salidas traseras.

el remoto convendria ponerle un relevador.